The 8 Best Acurite Weather Stations of 2020

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AcuRite 01512 Wireless Home Station for Indoor and Outdoor with 5-in-1 Weather Sensor
  1. Accurately Measure Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Rain Fall
  2. Includes Weather Ticker for Real-Time Home Weather Updates
  3. Monitor Indoor and Outdoor Conditions with Remote Sensor
  4. Easy to Setup and Use
  5. Company Based in Lake Geneva, WI, USA – Since 1943

2031 ratings

AcuRite 01036M Wireless Weather Station with Programmable Alarms, Gray
  1. High-precision 5-in-1 wireless weather sensor accurately measures the temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain
  2. PC Connect feature enables you to connect the display to a Windows computer via USB, allowing you to remotely view your weather through the internet on a smartphone, tablet, or computer (using the complimentary software, a browser, and/or the My AcuRite app for iOS and Android devices)
  3. CSV Data Logging 12 minute updates, PC Connect to My AcuRite 18 second updates, Weather Underground Rapid Fire updates, wind speed 18 second updates, wind direction 36 second updates, temperature and humidity 36 second updates

1652 ratings

AcuRite 01024M Pro Weather Station with HD Display, Lightning Detector, Rain, Wind, Temperature and Humidity
  1. Included Components: Digital Display
  2. 5-In-1 Weather Sensor
  3. Lightning Sensor
  4. Tabletop Stand
  5. Mounting Hardware
  6. Power Adapter

673 ratings

AcuRite 02077 Color Weather Station Forecaster with Temperature, Humidity, (02077M), Black
  1. Includes Color Weather Station Display, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, power adapter, and instruction manual
  2. Barometer and moon phase depiction in info center
  3. Patented Self-Calibrating Forecasting pulls data from a sensor in your backyard
  4. Wireless range for the sensor, up to 330 feet (100 meters)
  5. Company Based in Lake Geneva, WI, USA – Since 1943

1136 ratings

AcuRite 02064 5-in-1 Color Station with Weather Ticker and Future Forecast, White, Black
  1. High-precision 5-in-1 wireless weather sensor accurately measures the temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain
  2. Measures rain precipitation for current day, week, month (inches or millimeters). Wireless Frequency: 433 MHz, Display Dimension: 8.2 inches H x 7.4 inches W x 1.3 inches D
  3. Weather Ticker streams real-time data including the moon phase, indoor comfort level, “feels like”” temperature and more
  4. lluminated color display with adjustable dimmer; electric-powered with optional battery backup

1615 ratings

AcuRite Atlas 01007M Weather Station with Temperature and Humidity Gauge
  1. Real-Time Weather Conditions from Your Desktop, Android, iPhone or Tablet
  2. Create Custom Alerts to Monitor Your Home Environment From Anywhere
  3. High-Definition (HD) Touchscreen Display Looks Great in Any Room
  4. UV Index and Light Intensity Along with Accurate Wind, Rain, Temp and Humidity Sensor
  5. American Based Company in Lake Geneva, WI, USA

544 ratings

AcuRite 00589 Pro Color Weather Station with Wind Speed, Temperature and Humidity,Full Color
  1. High-precision 3-in-1 wireless weather sensor accurately measures the temperature, humidity and wind speed
  2. Daily, monthly and all-time high and low records
  3. History chart displays temperature, wind speed and barometric pressure trends over last 12 hours
  4. Illuminated color display with adjustable dimmer; electric-powered with optional battery backup
  5. Easy setup and mounting

797 ratings

AcuRite Wireless Home Station (01536) with 5-1 Sensor and Android iPhone Weather Monitoring
  1. Real-Time Weather Ticker for Hyperlocal Home Weather Forecasting
  2. Share Your Data Through My AcuRite App and Connect to Weather Underground
  3. Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Direction and Rainfall Totals
  4. Set Alerts to Always Know Environmental Conditions in Your Home
  5. American Based Company in Lake Geneva, WI, USA

1789 ratings

Tips for Choosing a Weather Station

1. Expensive vs. Cheap

Let’s face it, many of us choose to buy cheaper devices because we think that we can save a little money. Well, a weather station is one of the exceptions where you shouldn’t skip out on buying a more expensive model.

This is because the more money you spend on the weather device, the more accurate and reliable it will be. If you choose to purchase a cheaper model, your device will then be less accurate and precise with its data, which defeats the purpose of a home weather station.

2. Choosing Sensors

Most home weather stations have the following sensors already installed, but sometimes brands can vary, which means you should always check to see if the weather station you’re buying has the correct sensors ideal for you and the climate you live in.

  • Thermometer – measures the outside temperature
  • Barometer – Collects atmospheric pressure
  • Rain Gauge – Measures precipitation and rainfall
  • Anemometer – Tracks the direction of the wind and what speed
  • Humidity Sensor – Measures the relative humidity outdoors

Other types of sensors you may want to consider based on your climate:

  • Hygrometer – Measures relative humidity
  • Wind Vane – Determines the direction the wind is blowing
  • Wire Snowfall – Tracks factors that contribute to snow

3. Desktop vs. Wireless Weather Stations

Most weather devices now have WiFi access, but not all of them have this feature. If you’re similar to most people, the last thing you’d want is to wire your outside device into your computer. Non-wireless weather stations do still exist, so when you’re checking out, make sure that it is WiFi compatible.

4. Semi-complete Wireless vs. Complete Wireless Stations

Semi-complete Wireless Stations can only log data that are within the last 24 hours and can’t be plugged into your computer. These models are becoming less popular, but they can still be of use. If you’re just looking for a casual home weather station to help predict the weather, then a semi-complete system would be ideal for you.

On the other hand, a Complete Wireless Station logs data through either WiFi or by plugging it into your PC/Mac computer. This device is going to be most useful for you if you’re planning on tracking weather patterns or predicting weather more than a day at a time.

5. Extra Features

There are a few different types of extra features you can either add or include in your home weather station to make it more functional and increase the longevity of the device. Extra features aren’t needed, but they can help your device function better.

A radiation shield can help protect the temperature and humidity sensors from direct sunlight, which can help the device predict more accurate measurements. Another thing to look for is making sure the wind measuring sensor has either spinning cups or a propeller. The reason for this is because weather such as rain and snow can sometimes cause devices to stop functioning, thus hindering the accuracy of your device.

Solar-powered devices can help reduce the amount of electricity needed for the device, which can save you money in the long run. And lastly, consider purchasing an indoor display console. The console can help provide readouts of the variables being collected and will easily display all information on the screen.

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