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Many people hold this impression that glass panels or lurid RGB lighting within the gaming PCs make them highly sophisticated. However, Alienware Aurora R9 disapproves of this opinion. The device has more resemblance to Apple’s Mac as compared to Windows tower.

Though the design is minimalistic, the features and components that you can use have a long list. The sufficient features of this powerhouse need no further overcompensation.

Availability and price

For the level of quality that Aurora R9 offers, it is obvious that the price is going to be a bit high. The basic build is slightly expensive, and the cost further increases for the extreme builds.

Aurora R8 features are incorporated with the new ones to form the new Aurora R9, and with i9-9900K GeForce 2080 TI, it totally excels.

According to your needs, the Aurora R9 serves multiple functions. The budget too has a broad range. Therefore for the future, it increases versatility.

Though undoubtedly it is cheaper to self build a PC, R9 explains how that is unmatchable to a gaming machine like it. The elegant design is coupled with the integration of smart engineering, and for it, no hassle is needed.


Alienware is one of the most reputed and eminent gaming brands. R9 carries this tradition with its classy design that is elegant and not extravagant or gaudy.

Resembling old Mac with bulging curves, the matte case is elegant and simply done. The hollowed-out front made for enhancing the airflow is a striking feature of the design.

Not just this, but the design is free of gaudy features that look way too extravagant and tasteless. Features such as RGB or odd angles that make the device resemble an alien spaceship or hovercraft are smartly avoided.

Aurora R9 skillfully integrates elegancy in the design. The front is a single ring of light, and apart from this, only the logos are lit. Its simplicity is what makes it stand out and appear so elegant.

The slight lack of premium materials in the construct is covered up by the smooth and shiny front. Another feature that can’t be ignored is the pattern of strips that are connected to the cooling vents. Whenever you over clock, these ensure that your system doesn’t overheat.

Some people might not find the device as impressive due to differences in taste. Some might even think compare it with a vacuum cleaner because of its vents. But regardless, Alienware should be credited for the innovation in its design. The only question that is posed is how long will the device stay. Some have suspicions that it may have an abrupt ending, but this can be known only as time progresses.


Like all the others, in Aurora R9 too, the basic features remain the same as those in other devices. The traditional chassis, along with numerous USB ports, including several superspeed ones, are offered. The medium of connectivity, like HDMI and DP and others too, are a part of the device. The GeForce card is among the latest graphic cards. However, it should be ensured that instead of the main display port, which offers lesser integration of graphics, the medium used should be plugged into the GeForce.

For easy accessibility in the front, there are three USB slots along with audio/microphone jacks. Along with this, for the same purpose, the rear has sliding locks, though unscrewing needs to be done to access the inner components.

The internal structure would vary according to the model you are using. The machine we reviewed had the following specs:

  • 9th-gen intel i7-9700K CPU
  • 512 GB NVMe SSD
  • Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Super
  • HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM with 16GB dual-channel

The super range comes under the top graphics cards that are currently available. Along with this, the capability of ray tracing and entry-level 4k is something that is the thing of the future. This way, you secure your future in technological terms. This incentive is of high value keeping in mind that gaming would soon have a launch of ps5 and Xbox series X.

The price of the Aurora R9 is high for this very reason- it has the next-gen features along with the premium features that it offers. One thing that can be said for sure is that in terms of quality, you won’t be disappointed after paying so much.


Handling everyday computing is a piece of cake for Aurora R9. Even if you have large and heavy downloads running in the background, the rest of the system tasks are handled smoothly simultaneously without any lagging or slow processing.

Superfast boosting is made possible with the SSD. It’s a one for all system that allows you to do tasks ranging from small everyday tasks to high processing tasks like that of video editing.

Your game experience may differ according to the version of Aurora R9 that you are using. As per the device, we reviewed the performance and gaming experience was promising.

In the 3D marks tests of 1080p mode, the device performed extremely well and maintained a high frame per second rate. Even in 1440p, the performance was remarkable. Hence for 4k gaming, it’s good.

Though it didn’t perform exceptionally in 4k benchmarks, but still it was satisfactory. This means that the product wouldn’t have an abrupt end, and it would not end soon. If you are bothered by a bit less power that it has, the easy opening of R9 allows you to buy and replace components.

Even while handling the latest heavy games; it would not need to put an extra tremendous effort. We played Division 2 at ultra settings on the R9 that we reviewed, and it managed it efficiently, even with the complex firefights, and with multiple enemies simultaneously on screen it had an average of 56-60 FPS.

Further, in Total war: Warhammer battles 2, even on max settings, the benchmarks showed an average of 50 FPS.  The experience of the large scripted battles was simply remarkable; with eleven towers warmed up by the real like light rays, and the precise and detailed armor bouncing.

Zoomed in versions of intense combats between several units were covered by camera smoothly. At no point, we felt there was a need to overclock R9. But this we can say for sure that the customization and monitoring of overclocking systems are not hard at all.

If you do give overclocking a try, fans creating ruckus at the front end will welcome you. However, it is not that annoying, and one can ignore it easily.

The Alienware Command Center manages to overclock. The software is easy to handle, it’s attractive, and it offers the general options for customization – including RGB and peripherals, which if compared to other software, is a lot less overwhelming. Because of these reasons, some slight issues can be ignored. While using the software, the issue we faced was that some options were not activating after reinstallation, but they were quickly resolved.


The question rises whether Aurora R9 is compatible enough to be added as a new addition to the aurora playbook. The answer to it is yes, according to our analysis. The numerous features, clever engineering, and innovation like front hollow vent all incorporated in the case, makes it bold and stand out in the Aurora playbook series.

You can choose specific builds according to your requirements due to the numerous builds offered. Though they are a bit expensive, it is all justified by its design and the premium feel of this gaming machine. Thus, Aurora R9’s price is something it earns by the quality and service that it provides.

Last update was on: June 9, 2021 6:30 am

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