Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle Review


Blackstone 36 inch gas grill is a long-lasting, handy, and amazingly made griddle. It comes in a variety of features that help in making food preparation, cleaning, and cooking easier than before.

Read the following review if you are looking for an effective and trustworthy gas griddle with sufficient cooking space to take care of even the biggest of family barbecues, including hashbrowns to Teppanyaki.

An overview of Blackstone griddle review

The Blackstone 36 has a 36” x 20” rolled steel cooking surface, which provides a 720 square inches space for cooking.

The 28” model of the griddle is also available, which has been discussed in detail below.

Four different independent gas burners provide heat, which helps in controlling the temperature across the cooking surface easily and establish a 2-zone cooking system.

60,000 BTUs of heat is thrown by burner, which enables the users to have the capacity to get a crispy sear on a thick steak.

Things we like about it: 

  • A large grill surface can help you to prepare different foods, including pancakes and steaks, for a large number of guests.
  • An extendable side plate and a rack under the griddle surface makes it simple to store your utensils and keep your cooking space orders.
  • There are four wheels in it made of solid, which makes it a lot simple to move around.
  • The four amazing burners bring the griddle up to warm rapidly and can be utilized.independently to make distinctive warmth zones over the cooking surface.
  • The surface of the frying pan can be evacuated, which makes cleaning that a lot simpler.

Things we don’t like about it:

  • The griddle is heavy and not especially flexible as it is made of steel.
  • Few people have revealed issues with Blackstone 36, and one of them is that the front oil trap tends to spill.
  • The surface of the grill is made of rolled steel, which makes it easy for corrosion that the other parts are made of steel.
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  • The Blackstone 36 isn’t light by any measure, checking in at 135 lbs; however, it comes with four wheels made of solid. These wheels, joined with the outer propane tank, make it sensibly flexible, this is not appropriate for the ones who are looking for a portable griddle.
  • Finally, the Blackstone 36 accompanies two foldable outside racks, a plate enormous base plate fixed under the central griddle, and a front-mounted oil trap.
  • What makes the Blackstone 36 stand apart from the opposition is the sheer size of its cooking surface, its adaptability, and the fine temperature control made by the four free powerful burners.
  • The latest price of this product can be checked on Amazon.

About the Blackstone Company

The Blackstone griddle has come to challenge the griddle market.

Blackstone, as an organization, was established in 2005 to give incredible quality frying pans and driven by, as they put it, “A love for food, family, friends, and the great outdoors.”

The 36 was Blackstone’s foundation item and, while their range has extended fundamentally from that point forward, the entirety of their items have a similar focus on quality engineering and designing.

Things to consider before buying

The Blackstone is an excellent product by Blackstone, but before purchasing it, you need to keep few things in your mind.

Do you have space?

The size of this gas griddle is not small. Its general measurements are 40 x 25 x 14.5 inches, and, as we mentioned earlier, it weighs 135 lbs. Though its wheels help in moving to a great extend but even then, it is not very flexible, so before you purchase, ensure you have the space to store it appropriately.

Do you need a dedicated griddle?

There are a few foods which can be cooked in griddle only; however, you won’t have to buy a dedicated one to do that.

Slot-on griddles like the Little Griddle GQ230 can be put on any properly measured flame broil, which lets you cook hash browns, fried eggs, or hotcakes without expecting to purchase a different cooking tool.

The Clean Up

To avoid food poisoning, cooking tools are needed to be cleaned right after using them.

The surface of Blackstone griddle is made from rolled steel which does not let it become corrosive. This means you need to clean it properly and apply oil on it after every use.

It was already mentioned in our best outdoor gas griddles articles that one of the few complaints about the Blackstone is that is front gets leaked resultantly, the cleaning process becomes difficult.

It is not a griddle that can be quickly cleaned by just a wipe; therefore, you need to consider something else.

This was just basic information about Blackstone 36, and now we will move to guide you about its prominent features.

Blackstone Griddle 28″ VS 36″

The design of both Blackstone griddles is similar; the 28” size model has half the number of burners whereas, 470 square inches size has grill surface.

Similarly, both models are constructed in the same design but, the 36” model comes with two shelves. It all depends on the number of people you want to cook for.

Construction quality is identical for both models, although the 36″ comes with two shelves. Your choice really comes down to how many people you need to cook for.

The larger, 36” Blackstone comes with four burners, which allows you to make different heating zones. Different types of food at once which canbe can be cooked on different heat levels and it is handy.

Blackstone 36″ griddle surface

On the off chance that the real state on your other cooking apparatuses is at a higher cost than expected and you’re routinely facilitating for a lot of visitors, at that point the all open ranges of the Blackstone 36’s cooking surface are going to make your life significantly simpler.

With 720 square inches of rolled steel to work with, you’ll never again have to crush food to fit it on the grill together. You also won’t have to cook in batches, leaving food to go cold as you play make up for the lost time.

The cooking surface of the Blackstone 36 is made of rolling steel, which has a few advantages and a few disadvantages.

In addition to side, you can oil and season it as you would a cast iron dish, making it a functioning piece of enhancing the food. The drawback is that you should clean and oil it strictly if you don’t want it to rust, as rolled steel is definitely more likely to be rusted than stainless steel.

Powerful individual burners 

The four gas burners on the Blackstone toss out 15,000 BTUs each, for an aggregate of 60,000, so you don’t need to stress over this barbecue being underpowered.

Because the burners can be used individually, you have a lot more control over the heat output. This means you can cook different foods, at different temperatures, at the same time, taking advantage of the size of the rig to prepare full meals on one griddle.

Given the sheer size of the surface accessible, it is likewise simple to set up a 2-zone cooking system that is going to let you cook some extraordinary steaks utilizing the reverse sear method.

The burners are made of stainless steel, so you don’t need to stress over eroding.

Easy assembly

The time your gas griddle is derlivered to you then you need to utilize it to prepare food, and not to go through the next four hours to assemble it. Fortunately, the Blackstone is assembled amazingly simple.

Planned explicitly with the goal that you don’t need to bother with instruments, when you’ve unpacked the Blackstone, you should simply unfold the legs, embed the crossbar, utilize two or three thumbscrews to connect the side plates, and put the frying pan surface on top.

When that is done, you can quit faffing and get cooking.

Prep areas

One of the things that make or breaks a product is the level of thought that has gone into making it easy to use. 

The addition of the two folding side shelves and the under griddle tray on the Blackstone is a good indication that the manufacturer actually thought about how their product would be used, which is always a good sign.

Space is always at a premium around a griddle, and, especially if you are cooking outside, you don’t always have a handy table to put things down on. 

Somewhere to store cooked food, food that is ready to be cooked, and your grilling tools just makes life that much easier for the cook, and their addition is one of the reasons we rate this griddle so highly.

Solid construction

It is mostly made of steel, the Blackstone feels well-made and reliable. There is something to be said for the vibe of all around made cooking tool, and keeping in mind that its strong steel body can make it somewhat difficult to move around;therefore, it’s better to take its great care when moving around otherwise it can break easily.

Alternative griddles to consider

If you are searching for something to the Blackstone frying pan; however, but need something somewhat more smaller, at that point you should consider the following alternate options.

Little and less powerful than the Blackstone 36, the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill has a 604 square inch barbecue surface and four 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners.

In spite of the fact that you won’t get as much food on the surface of the Flat Top Grill, it compensates for that by having two bigger fold-out racks, so you are exchanging less frying pan space with more prep space.

Since those shelves fold away, it is likewise somewhat simpler to store than the Blackstone, in spite of the fact that it just has two wheels rather than four, and, at 142 lbs, it’s still as a very remarkable pig to move.

Who should buy the Blackstone Griddle?

The Blackstone 36 would suit a pitmaster who is consistently cooking for a group and needs a frying pan that is sufficiently enormous to accomodate a great deal of food, however with the outstanding temperature control expected to cook at various warms in various zones of the griddle.

You can likewise utilize a frying pan to prepare different foods that simply are preposterous on a barbecue. The flat griddle plate will let you fry eggs, bacon, hotcakes, and hash brownsrs and even cook Teppanyaki style alongwith cooking barbecue staples like burgers, hotdog, and steak.

Since the Blackstone is both huge and overwhelming, having some place to store that doesn’t require it be moved far, similar to a shed or carport, is an unquestionable requirement. You could simply throw a spread over it and leave it in the components, however that would put the rolled steel barbecue at a higher danger of corrosion.

Wrapping it up

If you’re searching for a huge iron then the Blackstone is an astounding decision. It’s a rock solid, strong piece of kit, and you can feel the high quality nature of its development when you are cooking on it.

The huge surface and various amazing burners give you full command over the temperature, making it adaptable enough to cook tremendous foods all simultaneously.

The weight means you won’t have any desire to move it around a great deal, and the moved steel surface methods you should oil it strictly if you don’t wat it to rust, however these are minor downsides of any fabulous griddle.

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