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 Many dehydrators are available in the market, but not all offer large capacity coupled with excellent features like Excalibur 3926TB 9tray generator. Ample space of 15 sq feet is available for drying, the temperature can be controlled, and the device also features a built-in timer. The people who have used it have mostly given a very good review about it online.

The dehydrator is manufactured by one of the eminent brands that sell dehydrators. It is well known that the Excalibur products are not only built out of high-quality materials but have a long life as well.

The dehydrator is an electric one that has a well-built drying system. The dehydrator accommodates 9-trays and ensures the heat and air is evenly distributed so that the process produces the best outcomes for all kinds of foods that are dehydrated.

Though it is highly efficient, it might not suit some people. The first reason can be its high price, and secondly, it takes a lot of space due to its size, thus making it unsuitable for people with small kitchens.

If you are planning to buy it, then you must know all the details regarding it, and for this, the following detailed guide is definitely going to be useful.


  • The thermostat can be easily adjusted and offers a range of 95°-155°. This is extremely beneficial as different types of food can be dried because some foods need high temperatures, while fragile ones need low temperatures for drying.
  • The built-in timer can be set for up to 26 hours
  • It offers the horizontal Parallex drying system, which is located at the back of the dehydrators. It allows the temperature to be controlled and uses a fan to evenly distribute heat to every tray.
  • You can remove the trays for dehydration for making space for the dough rise or accommodating large jars.
  • Since it offers an ample space of 15square feet for drying, it is extremely helpful in peak seasons where bulk food processing needs to be done.
  • For cleaning and more convenient loading, the door can be removed
  • It provides 9 poly screen mesh sheets/ trays that are extremely flexible.
  • Offers a limited warranty of 10 years

Many people have a lot of uncertainty about the warranty of Excalibur 3926 TB, and mixed opinions are provided online. Many people assume buying from Excalibur itself qualifies you to gain the warranty. But this holds no accuracy at all.

For this purpose, we emailed Excalibur to enquire whether the 10-year warranty applies to a dehydrator if brought from Amazon, and they replied that the warranty would still apply.

The proof of the amazing customer support is that we contacted them on a weekday and received an answer in less than an hour.

Before buying, it is good to know the mechanism of the built-in timer within the model. The timer is driven by the motor, so even in the case of power cutoff, if the dehydrator is on the timer keeps on working, and the drying time is still monitored.

Another point worth knowing is the safety that the dehydrator offers. Even if there is some electrical issue, your model is protected by the three individual circuits that it homes. So if the dehydrator is running on its while you’re away or sleeping, you can be free of this tension that an issue may arise while you’re away.

For proper dehydration, one of the key elements is temperature. Meats and other jerky food need high temperatures, whereas some food needs low temperatures because high will cause degeneration of enzymes in them. Since the thermostat can be easily adjusted for different types of foods, you can set the temperature accordingly. Though the dehydrator is priced a bit high, which might be unfavorable for some people, it is an extremely well-built machine that dehydrates different categories of foods, and that too while ensuring convenience for you.

Wattage and voltage

Wattage: Though many people confuse the 9-tray model with the five tray one, and therefore state its wattage as 440 watts, in reality, it is of 600 watts.

Voltage: The device is only made to be sold in the USA. Therefore, it requires a voltage of 120 volts 60 Hz.

Color and materials used

Two colors- black and white are offered.

In some places, there might be a difference in the price of white and black models. Therefore, you can research, and you might save some money.

Plastic makes up all trays and exterior of the model. Polypropylene #5 plastic is used for the tray screens, and polycarbonate approved by FDA is used for making the case.

Production and other details

The dehydrator is manufactured in Sacramento, a city in California, USA.

The polypropylene #5 trays that make up the tray screens are free of BPA. Since the plastic can withstand heat, it can be used in dishwashers and can be placed on the top rack of the majority.

It is not stated whether the outer casing is BPA free or not, but what it states is that it is made of a polycarbonate that the FDA approves. It also says that the model is safe, and under 160F, no harmful fumes are produced. The excerpt is from the manufacturer’s website:

“The polycarbonate we use is recognized as safe by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Food, United Kingdom Food Standards Agency, Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and other regulatory agencies Worldwide.”


The models measure by 17×19×12.5 (length× width× height), and nine trays can be kept. In comparison to the round dehydrator, the middle of the trays have no hole and has its corners are retained, which is very beneficial. About 15 square ft area is offered for drying, and it is extremely beneficial for people like hunters or gardeners who need to do bulk processing of food at yearly at specific times.

You can simultaneously keep all trays, some trays, or just one or two as per your need. If you need space to allow room for the dough to rise, or you want to dry thick foods or want to place large containers, then the trays can be removed, which is very useful.

Things that come with Excalibur 3926TB

Along with the dehydrator, only a manual is provided.

You can make fruit leathers and can dry non-solid foods as well, due to the lip of trays. But if you specifically need the flexible non-stick sheets, you have to buy them separately. However, it should not be forgotten that the model only supports nine trays, and no further trays can be added.

Optional accessories that you can pair

Besides the things offered by the model, only non-stick sheets are needed for the dehydrator, and therefore only they are available. The need specifically arises when either fruit leather needs to be made or when semi-solids or non-solids foods like soups, sauce, etc., are needed to be dehydrated. It is recommended that only sheets sold by Excalibur should be used. Though from Excalibur you find them at really high prices, you can search for an alternative at a bit lower price. If you use sheets from other brands, many use teflon coating, which even is supported by the temperature of the dehydrator and causes no concerns. But if it still concerns you, a parchment paper can be used

Customer reviews

In June 2018, out of 1400 reviews, 83% received high ratings, and there was an average rating of 4.7/5 stars. There was only one slight issue that many customers faced- it was the noise which is a bit loud, and about the rattling of the door. However, these issues can be easily solved. The noise can be the lessened by placement of the dehydrator into another room, whereas rattling can be resolved by taping off the door. Besides these complaints about slight issues, all users were satisfied with the quality and results offered by the dehydrator.

The pros and cons


  • Ample drying space is extremely beneficial for those who need to do process food in bulk at peaks of their respective seasons
  • The device can automatically switch off once the dehydration is completed due to the auto shut feature along with the timer, allowing you to leave it unattended
  • The thermostat can be adjusted, making it suitable for even the drying of fragile foods that get degeneration of enzymes due to high temperature.
  • Since the trays can be easily removed, thick foods or tall items can also be dehydrated conveniently
  • Excalibur is an eminent brand that is known for the high quality it offers and the long life that its products have


  • Price- price is higher as compared to dehydrators which don’t have built-in timers
  • Noise- it might produce a bit more sound in comparison to other dehydrators 
  • For drippy foods or fruit leathers, solid sheets are not provided.
  • There can difficulty in accessing controls if the dehydrator is placed under cabinets as controls are located at the backside


If you find the device a bit uneconomical, then instead of it, you can go for Nesco snack master pro, which has a lesser cost but doesn’t feature a timer.

However, if you are willing to spend money, and are seeking a dehydrator that is large, and offers excellent features, Excalibur 3926TB might exactly match your needs.

The machine offers high quality along with extremely useful features-specifically that of the temperature adjustment and setting the automated timer. People like gardeners and hunters who have extreme food processing needs at their respective peak seasons will definitely find it extremely beneficial.

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