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Whether you are concerned about the mess that your dog will make while you are away, or are suffering from stress to leave your dog alone at home. Furbo solves this issue for you, which is a treat tossing camera that monitors your dog.

The camera offers a high resolution of 720p and offers night vision as well. Besides this, it supports two-way audio communication enabling you to talk to your pet, and the cannon allows you to toss treats. Though it’s a bit expensive, still this wifi connected gadget comes handy for the pet lovers.

Design and setup of Furbo dog camera

 Out of all my previously tested wifi cameras for home security, Furbo has the best design.

The angular shape of Furbo, along with its glossy white finish and wooden lid, offers a creative and distinct look. It is deliberately made tall to make room in the hopper for storage of treats. The treats are dispensed from the front center, whereas the top hosts the 720p camera. The led light behind the Furbo logo acts as an indicator by changing colors to tells the online status of the device or if the device is being remotely accessed.

The design is such that you can place it in apartments on maybe a shelf, and it nicely blends rather than looking like an alien thing. It is more appropriate if Furbo is placed at a height. One of the reasons is so that the treats are out of reach from your dogs, so they don’t access it themselves. Another is that the wide-angle camera has a slightly downward inclination while recording, and if kept on ground levels, the recordings can become slightly blocked. A top spot offers easy monitoring of your dog activities all day long.

Setup is not that technical. One side of the wire is plugged in the provided AC adapter whereas the second end is the micro USB connection.

After installation, the devices need to be paired via the Furbo app available on Android or iOS. Wifi information is accessed by Bluetooth through the Furbo app. The range of Furbo is only 2.4 GHz Wifi band, which should have been a bit higher for a wireless device.

Furbo should be placed within the working range of wireless router as the device lacks a wired Ethernet connection. It means that if the device is not kept in the range, there would be annoying networking issues.

The Furbo app, by its tutorials, explains how to operate the device, and also reminds you not to accidentally aim at your pet while tossing the treats for them. Though the speed at which they are fired is not high enough to cause an injury, it still can be irritating for your pets.

Performance of Furbo and its app

Though I previously owned a dog, after it passed away, I brought two playful kittens home, and they love it when treats are tossed at them.

The 720p camera performs pretty well. As compared to the Y-cam home monitor that sits in my living room, Furbo is a lot more efficient and impressive. In comparison to the home, monitor Furbo offers a high-quality video that has a greater level of brightness and contrast.

The footage offered by the home monitor doesn’t offer many details like color and texture etc. Additionally, its delay is higher than Furbo. The short delay of the video gives you sufficient time to prevent any mischief or mishap from happening by distracting the pets.

The video can be zoomed by 4X through intuitive pinching, but has some similar problems that are generally there in digital zooming. One of them is that greater zoom worsens the quality of the footage to a greater extent. If the device is smartly placed at a high point, the whole room can be viewed clearly by the wide-angle camera of Furbo. A greater enhancement the makers could do is to add mobility to the device by offering tilting or panning. Though some other monitoring cameras available in the market do have this feature, they don’t offer the same functionality that Furbo offers.

The night vision mode is also quite impressive, and even in this matter, it performs a lot better than my home monitor. It enables me to keep an eye on my kittens at night easily without leaving my bed.

Though the video quality is exceptional, the audio is not as impressive as the video. But still, the speakers in Furbo serve the purpose of communication well, and since they don’t have any other purposes, we can compromise on it. When I used it to call my kittens, they came near the camera. The microphone was a bit sensitive as it even recorded slight surrounding sounds like that of the fridge and fans.

There is a feature of automatic bark detection. Whenever your pets are barking or creating a raucous, you get notified on your phones. This way, you can cool them down and can quiet them while being away. Despite setting the sensitivity to the lowest, I was getting notifications because of the noise my kittens were making while just playing. Therefore, I turned off this feature.

For dispensing treats, you can record your voice by the app, and it can play when a treat is dispensed. However, you can just go with the default settings as well.

Tossing treats is just a swipe away. Within the video footage, the treat icon can be swiped. According to the size of treats thrown, the cannon fires a few treats simultaneously. However, the approximate distance should be kept in mind to avoid sending the treats beneath sofas or other furniture. My kittens loved this feature of treat tossing that Furbo offers.

Is buying Furbo a good decision?

Though Furbo is really a good option, it is not needed by all pet owners. But after using the device, one thing I can say is that after using it once, I won’t turn back. Though Furbo is not economical and lacks pan and tilt options- still it is pretty good for the pet owners and serves its purposes well.

The video quality offered is high and has good brightness and contrast. Additionally, treat tossing is efficient, and is loveable by pets. Even in terms of design, it is well built, is smart, and doesn’t look odd or peculiar, which is important, as it’s kept in a noticeable place. Having Furbo takes worrying and stress about your pets off from your shoulder, and it even allows interaction with them. Once used, it mostly may become an integral part of the life of pet owners.

Furbo, however, is a thing you might want and is classified under additional options rather than basic needs. If you spend extra amounts on non-needed things, then spending some money is not a deal that will cause a loss. Furbo is pretty useful and tossing treats to your pets can be really fun.


Furbo, with its impressive design, allows you to monitor your pets through a high-resolution video, and also toss treats at them.

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