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MEATER a new, innovative, and smart thermometer. It consists of two probe sensors that measure the temperature of internal meat and ambient temperatures effectively and displays results at the same time. Apart from that, this thermometer comes with a mobile application that allows you access to features like receive time, temperature alerts, and different variety of presets to choose from. It also helps in the estimation of cooking and rest time. The thermometer can be used on different devices like oven, slow cooker, grill, smoker, rotisserie, kamado, or on a pan. The communication range up to which it can measure temperature accurately is 33 feet, depending on the device you are using it on.

Read our entire MEATER review to discover everything we liked and disliked about this unique meat thermometer.

MEATER Design & Durability

MEATER meat thermometer with its innovative and sleek design comes with wireless technology, consisting only of a slim probe with sensors attached at both ends. The metallic-black color adds to the design of the thermometer making it more elegant and unique.

The body of thermometer is made of stainless steel and ceramic with a length of 5 inches and a width of 0.3 inches. The front end of the device is like a pencil tip, containing an inner temperature sensor. The back made up of ceramic contains an ambient temperature sensor. A safety notch is installed in the middle of the steel probe.

Overall, MEATER thermometer is rather small in size and durable, although its heat tolerance is underwhelming. The wooden box the thermometer comes in acts as a charger but can also be used for storage.

MEATER Features

As discussed before the MEATER application for Android or iOS needs to be installed to utilize features like monitoring temperatures and other available tools, because the thermometer communicates with the app and not the base station.

Following is a quick overview of MEATER’s top features.

Dual-Sensor Probe

Usually, the thermometers that measure both ambient and meat temperatures have 2 probes installed. Whereas, MEATER comes with one probe that has 2 sensors installed. This unique design helps in performing its functionality with ease unless you are cooking a relatively large meat piece (explained later).

Remote Temperature Monitoring

MEATER thermometer is designed such that the temperature is controlled and monitored remotely. The temperature range however is not that great. If you are using an oven, kamado, or gas grill the range is 33 feet, if you are using a kettle grill or smoker it is 10 feet and in case of pans or rotisseries, it is also 33 feet. The mentioned values are maximum, the real-life range may vary to the environment you are in and the presence of obstacles.


You can increase the range of monitoring the temperature with the app by the MEATER linking function. This can be done by enabling the Link feature from settings. After enabling the feature your connected mobile can act as a thermometer-to-WiFi link, allowing you to monitor the results from a greater range over your home Wi-Fi. You can connect one or multiple devices connected to the same Wi-Fi with the thermometer.


MEATER app comes with preinstalled presets for different kinds of meat like beef, poultry, pork, lamb, and fish. From the app, you can select the desired cuts and levels to receive more accurate temperature suggestions which optimize your cooking. the thermometer informs the user with a help of a beep when the temperature reaches the desired settings.

Custom Alerts

Apart from the preset alerts, you can set your custom alerts for time and temperature which will sound at the point you define before the meat temperature reaches its goal.

Advanced Estimator Algorithm

MEATER thermometer comes with advanced technology that allows you to calculate and estimate time accurately. The estimator algorithm provides information about how long the meat should be cooked and how long does it need to be cooled before serving.

Guided Cook System

Even if your cooking skills and experience are not good, the MEATER is designed as such that it is guaranteed to optimize your cooking results, thanks to its Guided Cook System. This guide helps you from the moment o selecting the temperature limit to when the meat should be taken out.

MEATER Performance & Accuracy

When it comes to performance and accuracy, MEATER does a pretty great job apart from one or two exceptions. The ambient sensor is told to withhold temperatures up to 527°F, which is fine for most uses. However, a drawback is that when the internal probe is placed at a temperature of around 212°F for over more than 10 minutes, it can break or get damaged. This is a major drawback, as the meat can easily reach this temperature when it comes to slow cooking.

The accuracy of the internal sensor is 1°F of the temperature. The readings are taken every second and posted in the app constantly.

When it comes to ambient sensor it can give inaccurate readings. This happens when big chunks of meat are being cooked because the ambient sensor gets affected by Internal meat temperature. The company suggests a 2-inch gap between the ambient sensor and meat, which is not achievable with large pieces.

The battery of MEATER is rechargeable and should be changed after 1 year if used excessively. When the battery is fully charged it can be used for 1 to 3 days i-e 24 to 72 hours, easily dealing with all cooking projects.


As discussed before that the MEATER thermometer can be used in different devices like pans, slow cookers, ovens, smokers, rotisseries, kamados, and all kinds of grills if it does not exceed the recommended temperatures. Keeping in mind its heat tolerance and range, it is best suited for oven roasting.

The thermometer is only recommended to be used for meat and fish. The internal probe can get damaged if used on unsuitable substances like boiling liquids, candy, and oil, as it is not waterproof nor high temperature resistant. This can result in the cancellation of your warranty.

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