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During the launch of the Vitamix 5300 it was a little confusing because it has features from various product lines. The 5300 was known as the Costco Vitamix model since it was made for Costco and was widely used in Vitamix demonstrations at Costco. Since the launch of the 5300 various other models have been released, So the ultimate question now is whether the Vitamix 5300 is still the best model for you?

In this review we will be taking a look at all the things there is to know about the Vitamix 5300 including comparisons with other known model, so as to enable you make a good decision on whether the best Vitamix 5300 is still the best model for you out there.


The Vitamix 5300 is regarded as a mix between the classic C series and the new G series. It belongs to the C series in the sense that its base is that of the C series. The 5300 is powered by a 2.2Hp motor and also has the new low profile 64 ounce container, which are both standout features for the G series. Though having the same power and container as the G series, the 5300 however, does not come with a G series base, hence making it not to have the airflow design and noise dampening features that the G series have.


The C series Vitamix models comes with a 2.0Hp motor that goes well with the 3 blade tall containers, while the G series Vitamix model has the 4 blade low profile container with a wider base which is why the 2.2Hp is necessary as it helps to carry the extra blade.


The C series 64oz contain a narrow base which enables it to blend larger amounts of food at once and also thicker recipes and also enables it to create a better vortex that allows for a nice, consistent blending. It is unable to fit in any ideal kitchen cabinet due to its height. The 64oz low profile container is very effective in blending larger amounts of the thicker recipes, crushing ice etc. But in terms of smaller items with little or no water the 64oz finds it difficult to create a vortex for effective blending.

The 5300 has a measurement of 17.25 inches and a weight of 12 pounds, in its controls you find the speed variable control of 1-10 and also a pulse lever which can both come in handy in situations whereby you don’t want to totally crush the ingredient.

The 5300 blender comes with a 64oz container, a low profile tamper and a recipe book known as “Getting started plus” 65. The 5300 blender in terms of color only comes in red or black.



The 2.2 HP motor (120 V, 11.5 Amps, 50/60 Hz) is plenty of power and is able to perform any blending task. Its performance is similar to that of the G series. Because the Vitamix 5300 is built on the C series base it lacks certain internal features of the G series Blenders including that it does not have a redesigned cooling system that minimizes overheating and makes blending times less.


Although they share the same motor of 2.2Hp, the 5300 makes more noise than the G series Blenders this is because the 5300 lacks the better noise dampening feature which the G series has. According to Vitamix the G series blender makes 40% less noise than C series blenders.


The controls on the Vitamix 5300 are easily comprehensible. The 5300 doesn’t have electronic controls or breakable Led screens which as far as am concerned is a huge plus. It comes with the normal 10 speed variable control as do most Vitamix blenders with a wide range of true speeds. The pulse switch present in the Vitamix 5300 comes quite in handy as it works at any speed, in contrast to the C 5200 that has only but an on/off switch. A start/stop switch is also found on the controls of the 5300 with the on/off power switch positioned in the front.


It has a new low-profile Vitamix tamper which is different in design from the classic tamper. The tamper the 5300 comes with can only be used on the low profile 64oz and 40oz containers. The tamper when used on wide jar helps to push ingredients to the side as there is likely space on the sides. The tamper and removable lid cap are joined together.


The Vitamix 5300 2.2 horsepower motor can handle just about anything including nut butters, food prep, smoothies, dough, raw soups, etc. The only setback is that the wide 64oz container can’t blend small items effectively as it tends to push them to the side.

People who are accustomed to using the normal narrow Vitamix jar will get frustrated initially with the new wide jar’s inability to blend small items, so the only remedy to this issue is to get the 32oz container

NOTE â€“ The classic 64oz container is not meant to be used on the 5300 blender.


The 2.2 HP motor it comes with does an excellent job while blending. In a situation where you have bulky ingredients and thick recipes the low profile container can come in handy.

Simple to use controls with an adjustable speed pulse lever and ever-popular 10 speed control dial. The Vitamix 5300 performs similarly to the Vitamix 7500 which is considered as one of the most top performing Blenders there are. Since its launch the Vitamix has been a top seller for years at Costco.


Though the 5300 has a similar motor to the G series, yet it lacks features such as the noise dampening and the new air cooling design for durational blending.

While the low profile container can’t be used to blend small items and dry ingredients effectively compared to the classic tall container due to wide base, this warrants the need to buy a smaller container, that is the 32oz so as to be able to effectively blend small items.


 The Vitamix 5300 is a very reliable blender with the 2.2Hp and low profile container, from its launch day it has maintained its popularity in the market but no longer carried by Costco. With its low profile container design and performance similar to the Vitamix 7500 which is costs more, the Vitamix 5300 is a very good blender and is very much affordable, the only flaw it has is that with its default 64oz container you won’t be able to effectively blend smaller items.

In a case whereby you find the Vitamix 5300 too expensive, you can always go for the certified refurbished 5300 which is still great and cheaper.


The Vitamix certified refurbished or reconditioned Blenders are most times the units that were barely used and returned during the trial period of product. The only major difference between the certified refurbished models and the new 5300 model is that the refurbished version comes with a 5 year warranty while the new 5300 comes with a 7 year warranty.

NOTE that the refurbished version have been checked extensively by the manufacturers before it is certified.


The Vitamix 5300 is very simple to use as it does not have any preset blending programs. The process is as follows;

  1. Just press the start/stop button, then slowly turn the speed variable dial from the lowest which is 1 to the point you want based on the recipe or ingredient
  2. After blending press the start/stop button again to stop the blender and then return the speed variable dial to default.

Based on the Vitamix’s design to be self cooling it can work efficiently at a high speed for a long period of time by drawing in more airflow. That said you wouldn’t want to blend at a low speed for a long period of time as that will automatically turn of the machine, this is due to its overload protection feature.

The pulse button is programmed to work at any speed you set the variable speed dial to. All you have to do is to hold down the pulse button for as long as you need to pulse for.

What containers can you use with the 5300?, apart from the 64oz low profile containers the blender comes with, the 32oz wet container, 48oz wet container, and 32oz dry grains container can also work on the Vitamix 5300 blender


The Vitamix 5300 is a reliable blender that can blend as effectively as the G series blenders yet less expensive. The Vitamix 5300 is considered a modified C series blender with difference in power as to be able to carry the extra blade of the low profile container. The 5300 is an ideal choice for people who don’t pay much attention to pre-set blending programs, though you will be needing to purchase another container incase you want to blend smaller items due to the low profile container.

The Vitamix 5300 blender is a very reliable and affordable blender especially if you get the certified refurbished 5300, though you may not call it our favorite Vitamix blender but it is still highly recommendable.

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