Vitamix 7500 Blender Review


Due to the rapid increase in the desire for green smoothies, so many blender companies have greatly made sales over the years and also innovation of new companies with the sole aim of making profit from the business too. Even though there are so many blender companies all the world, the Vitamix has been and still is, one of the best blender companies in the world. The new Vitamix 7500 is the latest blender from one of the most highly reputable and renowned blender companies, the Vitamix company!!!. As you read through this review, you would get to know if this overall hype is worth its expensive price


Available: July 2014
Model: B00LQT6UB2

Why it’s a top Pick: simple to operate and power beyond reason.

Summary: The Vitamix 5700 is a very powerful good blender for home purposes as well as commercial use. But before purchase, you should have an idea of what you are bargaining for and that is its expensive price


  • Among all the blenders we’ve reviewed so far, Vitamix 5700 has turned out to be the most strongest
  • Has simple designs and fast blending capacity
  • Very suitable most cabinets


  • It is very costly
  • It does not have customization options


Power1500-Watt, 2 horsepower
Included Jar Size1 64oz container
Loudness Rating98.3dB dry, 41.0dB smoothie
Max Warranty7 years


The Vitamix 7500 has been designed to perfectly suit chefs working in professional and production kitchens where you wouldn’t want to be stressed with so many buttons that can waste your time.

The Vitamix 7500 is simple and comes in a plain black rubber shell. It features the on/off switch, pulse and the speed dial. It also comes with a 64 oz low profile container. Even though most people may not find this container’s height to be satisfying but it makes it suitable for counter tops and sliding under cabinets without difficulty


The Vitamix 7500 features a 2.2 HP motor unlike the previous blender we reviewed (the Nutri Ninja IQ) and as such it is more powerful. The Vitamix 7500 does not feature any special settings or hidden programs compared to the Blendtec Designer 725. It has just 2 buttons and a speed dial that enables you to control how uniform you want your smoothies or food to be. 8 years ago, I had acquired a livelihood through a kitchen business and as such I can identify the nuances of locking in the perfect blend settings in order to get a good texture. I learnt this through buzzing literally many gallons of soup during my stint behind a cutting board.

For most users, this could be difficult which is why I mostly recommend the Vitamix 5700 for professionals. But the Vitamix 5700 is easy and doesn’t take much time to get all the ideas about operating the blender so you shouldn’t be afraid of purchasing it. We decided to blend different kinds of food and drinks such as ice cubes, smoothies, soups with the Vitamix 5700 and even went to town on our own homemade apple sauce. The 5700 crushed and blended everything without wasting much time, it was expected because the Vitamix 5700 is expensive and as such it is capable of being that powerful. All the smoothies we made including ice came out extremely good. The ice came out with a snow- like texture while the smoothie was uniformly blended. All this were possible as a result of its 10-speed dial that allowed different blending speed.


We decided to run a decibel meter about 30 feet away from the counter where the Vitamix 5700 was kept during our testing period. It made different sounds depending on what we were grinding. During the ice test, it was so loud and measured about 98dB, while blending a full 64oz container of soup was very quiet without much noise and recorded about 41.0dB on the decibel meter.


Now the big question is if the Vitamix 5700 is actually worth the money. Admittedly, the Vitamix 5700 is one of the most expensive blenders available in the market and you don’t really get to do a whole lot with it. The Vitamix 7500 is a durable strong, reliable blender with just one job, which is to blend and crush whatever food or drink you place inside it without mercy. If you desire a long lasting blender that can stay with you for a long period of time without breaking down or having any issues, then I’ll suggest the 5700 for you.

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