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Since the 1950s the Weber kettle grill has been in existence, thus there is every possibility that you have had a hotdog, burger or a steak prepared in one. When I was young my family used to own a gas grill, whereas our neighbor owned a Weber which made their food a lot tastier. When I grew older and had a home of my own the Weber Original was the first ever grill I owned.. The Weber is made up of a grate that sits in between two pieces of metal on top of a tripod stand. You basically can’t find a simpler cooker unless starting a fire on the ground.

There are lots of upgrades found in the new models compared to the older versions of the grill, including a thermometer located on the lid which reads the temperature of the grill, and unlike the older models the new model has a hanging grill grate hence making fire management and addition of coal easier, and clearing off charcoal after cooking is way easier in the new model thanks to an all improved ash catcher.


Generally it takes less than 15 minutes to completely set up the grill. To set up the grill you only need a hammer and a Philips-head screwdriver. You’ll find at least 26 pieces of tools inside the box which includes a plastic wrench which is exclusively used in attaching the handle of the lid.

While setting up the grill you need to pay attention to the tripod stand, as to where the kettle is positioned is not the same as the other two sides and it goes on the side with welded metal handles. Though it’s advisable to apply tension to the legs while installing, you could push the leg in a bit and then tap the wheel covers with a hammer.

NOTE, in a brand new weber there might be production residue due to manufacturing processes so to rid the Weber of such residue it is recommended that you light it up and allow it to burn freely for at least 30 minutes.


The grill has a measurement of 39.5 x 22.5 x 27 inches, this means that the grill takes up little amount of space in your backyard yet it still offers a decent sized cooking surface. It’s close to waist level in height for almost everyone, so it’s rather comfortable to cook on. The 363-square-inch cooking area can without difficulty cook a pair of complete chickens or about 10 to 12 burgers, conditional on how big your patties are, that stated addition of any more than that can cause the grill to get overloaded. Overloading the grill causes whatever it is you are cooking to not be cooked evenly and makes it impossible to flip the patties. This type of grill can with ease feed 4 to 6 individuals. To prevent you from burning yourself while handling the lid the grill comes with a heat shield located under the thermal proof glass-reinforced lid handle.  The enclosed ash catcher under the grill body is another important improvement in this model and makes cleaning up an awful lot less difficult. This model can also be easily repositioned thanks to the wheels placed on two of the three stands and it’s considerably light weight. Though this Weber is almost ideal in its simplicity, it would have been better if the wheels were bigger as it requires effort to roll the grill around or to move it out of the way to create space for other activities. Compared to the grill’s other exceptional quality this is nothing but a minor complaint which I think is a quick and easy fix.


This Weber’s plated metal cooking grate is hinged so that it’s easier to load charcoal, even while the grill is currently in use onto the heavy-gauge steel grate below. Like most people, I dislike lighter fluid and prefer using Weber’s Rapid-fire Chimney Starter—just one of many accessories you can acquire for this grill (others include a grill cover, Char-Baskets, and a rotisserie kit). Using this method it takes about 20 minutes for the grill to get really hot and be ready for use.

The Weber can most likely cook anything you put on it whether you need it fast and hot or low and slow. I myself have used the Weber to cook pork, burgers, steaks, chicken, veggies, and this one time some pineapple, all were cooked fabulously. You can either cook the foods by placing them right on top of the coals which is called direct cooking or by positioning the fuel to the side to cook indirectly, while cooking a complete chicken the latter is more advisable. The Weber, by adding a little bit more wood to the fire can be used to gradually make a more  old-fashioned barbecuing. Having a consistent temperature is vital, and the Weber does this so good compared to other grills within the same asking price. Effective fire management is a true comprehensive twist when cooking on a charcoal, but with the built-in thermometer this becomes little to no problem, thanks to the porcelain-enameled bowl and lid, which effectively retains heat. Even at that you will Still need to pay attention to the thermometer as it will help you know if you need to add more coal, wood, or even adjust the airflow using the rust-resistant aluminum dampers. The vents are also important when putting out the fire, as shutting them helps cut off oxygen. 


While the Weber is a very essential cooker, it does have a few useful features like the ash catcher, which makes packing up the charcoal easier than with the older model, also the thermometer was crucial when it comes to fire management. Inside the Weber’s lid you will find a hook which can be used to hang the lid on the side of the grill, thus giving you no reason to place the lid on the ground. Also on the grill’s other side are hooks which can be used to hang spatulas, tongs or towels.

Weber also presents an app with guides on how to cook variety of proteins and veggies, the app has helps you to determine the amount of fuel you need depending on what you’re cooking, and it also has a timer that helps remind you of when to check up on the food or to pull the food when it’s done cooking. While booting, the app boasts scores of recipes to keep your menu fresh and your family excited about trying new foods.


The cleaner the grill the greater it tastes, and with the ash catcher this has become a lot easier than with the old models. Though solidly attached, the catcher pops off with ease, and its deep, bowl-like shape permits you to you to pour the ashes seamlessly into the trash after it has cooled with little or no spillage. I personally, usually gets it all in the can something that was not possible with the previous models, not even accounting the for the normal 40% that is usually lost to the wind. To clean the grates, build a fire, heat up the grill, and then take a bristle-free wire brush (metal bristles can fall out and end up in your food, and trust me you don’t want that) and scrape. With every cook, I normally make use of the Shop-Vac to remove any sticky ashes stuck at the bottom of the grill due to too much grease. But as precaution, you can chose to oil the meats and veggies before cooking to prevent them from being too sticky to avoid much work during cleaning and to prevent extra scraping. 


This grill is well-priced considering the improvements from the original.That’s money well spent considering how much easier it is to clean thanks to the ash catcher, which was one of reasons I upgraded to this newer model things. The built-in thermometer and dampers also enhance the cooking experience and justify the cost. Also, the Weber comes with a warranty of 10 years for the bowl and lid, 5 years for the one-touch cleaning system and plastic parts, and two years on all remaining parts (excluding rust-through, burn-through, fading, or discoloration).


While there are many other grills on the market. The Weber is a heavy-hitter considering the performance, design and price. A high-end ceramic kamado grill, though a most excellent cooker thanks to its higher insulation, is at the most $800 minimum, the barrel-style charcoal grills, which are bigger in size, can prove to be a much greater challenge to manage and to clean. Though there are versions of the kettle in the market with lesser pricing , the Weber’s satisfactory development however, makes it a precious buy which is likely to last long for you.

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