Weber Spirit ii E-210 Gas Grill Review


The Webster spirit II E-210 grill was newly upgraded and renovated for 2018 with greatly improved new features and properties to make it more competitive compared to how it was few years back. This renovation was greatly needed for Spirit Webster’s entry level series, mainly due to its smaller size and lack of extremely high technology character

Without much misconception, regardless of the fact that this is an entry level, it is a strong and rigid built power house that would excite you throughout your years as a griller.  There is no ground for comparison between the entry level Webster and cheap Char Broils and Dyna Glos from the Big Box Stores.

The E-210 is suitable for a mini family or a starter to the grilling game. The small trail it left behind shows it is suitable for the balcony at your apartment complex or the backyard of a home


Going through the Webster’s website, it is seen that this grill has almost 1500 reviews couple with 94% being 5 or4 stars and just 3% showing 1 or 2 stars.

Almost all the reviews seen on the Webster’s site and Amazon sites are good reviews . The complaints are mostly hinged on the shipping and handling or assembly on both websites

The new Spirit spec recently came out in 2018 and as such it is comparatively a new product and as such this makes our level of certainty to still be open for improvement its ability in few years to come. Webster is known for its longevity and durability and that cannot be tested until the customers attest to its authenticity during their cooking’s on the grills for at least 2 to 3 years.

Undoubtedly, the longevity of this products is guaranteed owning to the fact it is solidly backed and endorsed by the industry with over ten years warranty


Good performance grilling is a pertinent feature of this Spirit grill . During the process of grilling on a Spirit you are going to have a uniform heating across the grates with a few flare-ups. For those that are used to grilling on a local gas grills, grilling on a Webster spirit would be easier and comfortable

The 210 is very small to keep on the smallest patio while sharing the same exact features as the more expensive Genesis series. Weber did a good job by updating the features of this grill to enhance the design from previous specs and models

The new Spirit E 210 appears in varieties of colors suitable for any outdoor decoration unlike its old model which has just a black color . The older natural gas design still appears in black color ,  Other advanced features added to the 210 includes the porcelain-enamel cast iron cooking grates, and the controls are located on the front panel . In addition, the shelves on the new model fold, where the old model had fixed side shelves.

The new Spirit spec now comes with an open cart design unlike the previous spec which had a closed cart with a door. With this feature, the grill is cleaner and allows for easier access to tools and the LP tank.

Like the Genesis series with 10 years warranty, the Spirit now has the same 10 years warranty and that is the greatest upgrade.


The main concern for me is in the simplicity of this grill. With this Spirit grill, there are no extras like a sear station, side burner or built in grill lights. If you are seeking for something with more bling then look for the larger Genesis or summit specs.

Another bummer with this grill is the small cooking area. If you are grilling for a large number of people you should upgrade to the Spirit E-210 spec to improve your cooking area for a comfortable effect and value.

The new model of the Spirit E-210 comes only with two wheels and no casters, this means it must be lifted or pushed like a wheelbarrow for its motion. With this constant movement of the grill whenever you want to cook the consideration of genesis is heightened because it is easier to manage.


Genesis series was created as a step up from the spirit series by Weber. Now, with this upgrade to the spirit, the Genesis model isn’t looking as great as it was admired previously.

The Genesis E-210 comes with more space for cooking having 20 more square inches on the primary cooking area and 14 additional square inches on the tuck away warming hack. Moreover the BTU per hour is lower than the Spirit model and this means less overall heating power. There are some features which the genesis grill has that are absent on the Spirit grill. The welded tube frame on the Genesis E-210 gives more strength to this series than the Spirits panel frame. Again, the Genesis has an infinite control burner valves and a bottom shelf on the open cart design. The features put it a notch above the Spirit E-210 in terms of bonus features

In brevity, I would still recommend the Spirit over the Genesis since the extra features will not affect the quality of your grilling experience but rather they do come with a substantial price increase


Aside from E-310 having more burners and overall cooking space than the E-210, both models have a lot in common.

  • Both are made from the same exact interiors
  • Both have the same upgrade from their older version and come with 10 years warranty respectively
  • The E-310 comes with a price tag that little more than E-210, so if you are purchasing on a budget and size is not an issue, the E-210 is a good choice. More over if you need a more cooking space you could easily upgrade to the 310.

This grills now check out all the boxes a basic grill master needs to get the job well done. They are far better than the costlier Genesis series for the two and three burner size range


A common opinion for Weber grill beginners is to opt for the Q3200 over the Spirit series because of its portability. Therefore, the Q3200 is heavy and chunky to travel with, thereby leaving it undesirable.

The Q3200 posses a less overall heating power. It features more square inches of cooking area than the Spirit grill, but having a fewer BTU. The Spirit grill can dry food for that perfect BBQ look and feel where the Q3200 will have a hard time drying food.

The production of these grills also differs with the Q3200 having a less stable cast aluminum body

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