Weber Spirit ii E-310 Gas Grill Review


To be candid, I desired to evaluate this grill because I love its vibrant color. But in terms of color, this particular weber has variations including black, white and blue. It’s really pricey, considering it only has with 3 cooker, but I was able to prepare a couple of nice steaks during my trial. To add to its nice work rate, the Spirit e-310 is equipped with distinct features like a propane tank scale and an elective integration, with the Weber iGrill 3 temperature probe. Considering you are interested in the tank scale and in the iGrill 3 accessory, then the Spirit II is definitely worth your money.


  • BROIL KING BARON S520: Unlike the Weber’s spirit ii e-310 grill the Baron S520 has 5 cookers and can easily carry a ton of food but its powerful BTUs might be rather too complex for a new user, in terms of price the Baron S520 is superior to the Spirit II e-310.
  • CHAR-BROIL COMMERCIAL DOUBLE HEADER: This particular grill serves well as an entertainment grill, it consists of two burner grills in one but the small compartments inhibits it from cooking the same food on the same grill at once. It is also costlier than the Spirit II e-310
  • CHAR-BROIL PERFORMANCE XL: It offers a great performing 5 burners including a side burner with the least pricing amongst the four other considered grills.

But the principal difference between the Spirit II E-310 and the above listed is the spirit’s new GS4 High Performance Grilling System, another grill with the GS4 is the Weber Genesis e-310 gas grill. The GS4 consists of a new ignition gadget that is guaranteed to ignite each and every time, thought it doesn’t anyways ignite after my first attempt. The GS4 also consists of updated, tapered burners with the aim of optimizing the distribution of heat. The flavorizer bars were meant to reduce flair ups but they were not effective and also a new grease management system that was supposed to clean everything, though it wasn’t as effective as is the other cleaners in other grills


Obviously, the Spirit II is quite pricey. Thought it’s technically less expensive than the Broil King Baron S520 and the Char-Broil Commercial Double Header, but it has only 3 burners in contrast to the Baron’s five burners and the Double Header’s four (two per main grill compartment). 

This means that the Baron does well at cooking in large quantities, whereas the Double Header has two different, main grill compartments for idea multitasking during entertaining. You can basically be cooking a chicken on one side and be flipping burgers on the other side simultaneously, the char-broil commercial header also has a side burner incase you want to warm up some BBQ sauce whilst still cooking on the main grill. The Spirit II consists of 3 burner compartment with each compartment possessing a grilling power of 10,000 BTUs each making it a total of 30,000 BTUs

It is without a spot to conceal the propane tank like the Spirit II’s competitors. But this is not really a big deal, but it appears less streamlined since you can easily see the tank versus hiding it behind a couple of doors. At least in the case of the Spirit II, it is for a good cause. When you place the propane tank to the scale, indicators on the side will tell you how full the tank is, this is because this model comes with fuel tank scale.

Little red lines help tell you the point of the fuel at the scale, this is important because with this you won’t have to carry the fuel to the store unless you’re completely empty on fuel as the reading will help you keep an eye on your fuel. I also like that the grill has indicators that let you know where exactly to adjust the burner knobs for high, medium and low heat. 

The Spirit II has something controversially called “Flavorizer Bars.” Its user manual explains that these bars are “angled in a way that they would be able to catch drippings that smoke and sizzle, adding that irresistible smoky flavor we all know and love to your food.” They’re also supposed to help route drippings away from the burners toward the “grease management system.” But all my times using the cooking grill I am yet to notice the work of the flavorizer bars nor its function of mitigating flare-ups. 


This model is compatible with Weber’s iGrill 3 app-enabled temperature probe but as the iGrill 3 costs a couple of extra bucks and is not compulsory, I didn’t test it with the Spirit II. In theory when you connect it to the grill you can easily check the temperature of your food from your phone. And this feature is one of the things that sets the Weber apart as most other grills don’t have such features

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